Tuesday, July 3


Feature: Gravitypope shoes. When I meet a man, the first thing I notice about him is his face... and then his shoes. Therefore, I am grateful for sites like Gravity shoes.com, which features modern yet traditional designs for men's footwear. Many men I know complain about having difficulty finding comfortable, stylish and versatile shoes, especially in contrived places such as department stores or malls. As an aficionado of revamping the old, I love gravity pope because they offer more traditional shapes with unexpected, subtle detailing for the modern man. These shoes, which I am featuring, could be worn during the day, to work, etc. and also in the evening. I hope you enjoy as gravity pope brings hope to men looking to invest in highly functional, stylish, well-crafted shoes that will undoubtedly stay in style.

paul smith
bath" (men's) $700 cdn top grain leather chelsea boot with
brogue detail, leather sole and green elastic panel.

ian-m "ian" (men's) $270 cdn

60016 (men's) $630 cdn

43087 (men's) $69.99 cdn

Personal fav
rain (men's) $300 cdn

4299099 "chukka boot" (men's) $60 cdn

ers158878 "ers racer koyomi - shiwasu" $89.99 cdn

I know I said men's, but after browsing, I missed these women's shoes yesterday by Camper.
I think I will purchase them soon!

20465-001 "twins" $139.99 cdn

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