Sunday, July 1


Personal update: Stayed in Brooklyn last night - oogled things in Park Slope and went to a music/art show in a Russian communist themed bar called Sputnik on Taaffe St. (Brooklyn). Just arrived back from the city today, I rampaged some stores in Time Square (the obvious ones) and promptly returned back to Princeton.

Noteworthy item on my mind:
They are perfect for walking, are crafted from recycled fabrics and blister-free. Walking around NYC in them was a dream, although - do be careful if you have low arches. They are amazing comfortable, light weight, versatile and never allow your feet to perspire. Highly recommended for price, around $38 dollars and for the altruistic nature of the company.

More info here: Shoes for Tomorrow! Toms shoes got their inspiration from designer Blake Mycoskie on a trip to Argentina. There, he saw impoverished locals recycling fabric and tires into stylish and durable footwear. Blake refined their ideas and created Toms to be recycled, earth-friendly and philanthropic. For every pair of Toms Shoes sold, the company will donate a pair of shoes to a child in need. Stylish, comfortable and universally beneficial, Toms Shoes are shoes that make both your soles and your soul feel great.
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