Wednesday, April 30


Feature: JF & Son. Falling into Winter, JF + Son is a recent addition to the fashion world. Jesse Finkelstein, the brains behind the operation, describes the on-going process of envisioning a brand concept: "We tend to focus on form, material, and function, but not at the risk of losing whimsy or imagination. It’s important that the clothes reflect a balance between play and antagonism." You can judge for yourself if JF + Son accomplish their mission. (All the dresses are named after the world's tallest buildings.)

Monday, April 28


Feature: Kaviar Gauche. Hailing from Berlin, Kaviar Gauche has become one of the most notable German avant-garde designers. Since Germany is often associated with minimalism and streetwear, the label decided to take a different route with luxury. Kaviar Gauche literally ‘the caviar left' is the expression used in France to refer to champagne socialists. As you can see from their designs, Kaviar Gauche embraces both German utilitarian design and French luxurious materials.

Sunday, April 27


Feature: Heimstone. In an effort to embrace youtube, Heimstone features their look book on youTube. Also from France, Heimstone is the new indie darling of the fashion world after they launched their line last year. Designers, Alix Petit and Delphine Delafon , describes the girl who wears their line: "The Heimstone girl is cool and edgy, but she likes comfort, like the pockets in our dresses." The video allows you to see how the clothes move in an everyday fashion.

Can be found here.


Feature: Isabel Marant. From France, Isabel Marant is the ultimate chic designer. I've featured her summer sandals here because, simply put, they are perfection.

Styled at Impulse.

Saturday, April 26


Feature: Anja Hynynen. From Sweden, Anja Hynynen uses organic fabrics to meticulously craft her clothes. I particularly love the tailoring and detailing on each piece, which if you look at closely, reflect both thoughtfulness and elegance.

Wednesday, April 23


Feature: Opening Ceremony. Co-founded by Humberto Leon and Carol Lim, Opening Ceremony takes an unconventional approach to global style; they feature a different country every season. With their own store in NYC, Opening Ceremony also designs their own line that feature these amazing shoes! I especially love the desert flats in gray, which can be seen here, styled by Impulse.

Can be found at eLuxury.

Tuesday, April 22


Feature: Comme de Garçon Wallet. I've come to terms with the fact that I'm on a lifelong journey to find the perfect wallet. Since I like to go places with the least amount of things possible, I often just carry my wallet, phone and keys. With this in mind, the Comme de Garçon clover embossed wallets would be the perfect.

Can be found at Tobi or Impulse.


Feature: Deadly Ponies. Designed and made in New Zealand, using the highest quality leather, Deadly Ponies offers an eclectic collection of bags. Each unique bag is lovingly created entirely by hand. In case it weren't obvious by this point, I covet nothing more than supple, soft leather bags.

Can be found at Our Spot or General Cucumber.


Feature: Keller. Based in New York, Keller is a clothing and shoe line designed by Kelly Clark. Clark describes her line: " "I want to create a line that reinvents itself each season by incorporating a fresh purpose into classic ideas. I feel dedicated to the creation of subtle yet effective pieces…clothing that is timeless, the kind that stays in your wardrobe forever." I have to agree with her and as part of sustainable living, classic functional pieces are always integral to a wardrobe.

Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter '08

Saturday, April 19


Feature: Small Things. From Portland, Oregon, Small Things is a hand-made jewelry line that features delightful motifs. I purchased a necklace (fern) years ago and wear it almost everyday as my trademark necklace. Since I received so many questions about it over the years, I thought I'd finally share Small Things with all of you. Pendants pictured below; prices range from $80-110.


Feature: Marni Fall/Winter '08.

Postscript: Finally, a safari trend that doesn't make me cringe.


Feature: Pirwi. In an effort to make a difference in human ecology, Pirwi is on the forefront of eco-conscious design. Pirwi, conceptualized by Emiliano Godoy, (whose knit chair I featured in an earlier post), is described as: "A platform to promote and distribute the great products coming out of young design firms in Mexico City, which previously had no way to reach international markets. Their products range broadly in materials and character but they all share a concern for sustainability, in environmental, social and economic terms." Pirwi represents the tenants of fair trade in contemporary furniture design. Although incredibly pricey, Pirwi furniture urges us all to think about the importance of design in terms of globalisation and consumption.
The SP1 Sofa is designed to include the generous proportions and comfort of a sleeper, with a minimal style and great visual lightness.

One of the four lamps in Arbol collection. The illumination system is shared by four lamps and developed exclusively for this collection consisting of modular LED tablets, low energy consumption and durability.Estudio stool features a grid of stainless steel bolts that can be screwed in or out to form a curved seating surface.

Sold at, 50% profits go to charity

Thursday, April 17


Feature: Vena Cava. Four seasons ago, I walked into a boutique and as expected, a salesgirl asks me, "Can I help you with anything?" I answered in my usual polite and reserved, "No thanks, I'm just looking around," mainly because I shop methodically and sales people are always a nuisance. This girl, however, continued to follow me around the store, and although I don't remember anything else, she tells me: "This is the new Vena Cava line, it's the next big thing." Although I am never one to jump at the "next big thing," I distinctly remembering admiring the large encrusted jewels and modern, youthful Italian feel. But because I also get claustrophobic around people while I'm shopping, I dashed out the door before the girl could notice. Now that I'm beyond that strange and somewhat annoying introduction to Vena Cava, I can't believe I've neglected to feature them on my blog. As a life long fan of typography, I especially appreciate the incorporation of fonts this season.

S/S '08

Tuesday, April 15


Feature: 3.1 Phillip Lim. As usual, I feature my favorite pieces of F/W '08 3.1 Phillip Lim's collection. Immediate things I love about this collection:
1) Fan detailing
2) Geometrical shapes
3) Suede cowboy motif
4) Shoulder pads