Monday, April 14


Feature: Alyson Fox. Much like everyone else, I've been anticipating Alyson Fox's new clothing line, cleverly named: A Small Collection. Since Miss Fox presents her collections in unconventional video formats, it's been difficult to present her designs on my blog. I currently reside in Austin, TX, and anticipate her new line at our downtown flagship Whole Foods store very soon. Former window display designer for Anthropologie, Miss Fox is someone, whose work I cannot get enough of. After viewing features of her delicate clothes and beautiful home in design sponge, and nylon, I literally see her work everywhere. For example, after going to the AMoA gallery a few months back and again for the artist talk last Thursday, I noticed that she was also showing her illustrations as one of the most promising, up-and-coming artists in Texas. Because these pictures do not do her line justice, please check out her video collection here. She is also invested in sustainable eco-friendly, recyclable design, which is incredibly appropriate for her audience here in Austin.

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