Saturday, April 19


Feature: Pirwi. In an effort to make a difference in human ecology, Pirwi is on the forefront of eco-conscious design. Pirwi, conceptualized by Emiliano Godoy, (whose knit chair I featured in an earlier post), is described as: "A platform to promote and distribute the great products coming out of young design firms in Mexico City, which previously had no way to reach international markets. Their products range broadly in materials and character but they all share a concern for sustainability, in environmental, social and economic terms." Pirwi represents the tenants of fair trade in contemporary furniture design. Although incredibly pricey, Pirwi furniture urges us all to think about the importance of design in terms of globalisation and consumption.
The SP1 Sofa is designed to include the generous proportions and comfort of a sleeper, with a minimal style and great visual lightness.

One of the four lamps in Arbol collection. The illumination system is shared by four lamps and developed exclusively for this collection consisting of modular LED tablets, low energy consumption and durability.Estudio stool features a grid of stainless steel bolts that can be screwed in or out to form a curved seating surface.

Sold at, 50% profits go to charity

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