Thursday, April 17


Feature: Vena Cava. Four seasons ago, I walked into a boutique and as expected, a salesgirl asks me, "Can I help you with anything?" I answered in my usual polite and reserved, "No thanks, I'm just looking around," mainly because I shop methodically and sales people are always a nuisance. This girl, however, continued to follow me around the store, and although I don't remember anything else, she tells me: "This is the new Vena Cava line, it's the next big thing." Although I am never one to jump at the "next big thing," I distinctly remembering admiring the large encrusted jewels and modern, youthful Italian feel. But because I also get claustrophobic around people while I'm shopping, I dashed out the door before the girl could notice. Now that I'm beyond that strange and somewhat annoying introduction to Vena Cava, I can't believe I've neglected to feature them on my blog. As a life long fan of typography, I especially appreciate the incorporation of fonts this season.

S/S '08
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