Saturday, May 31


Feature: Commuun. Japanese designers, Kaito Hori and Iku Furudate, established their brand in 2005 and have been showing in Paris since. The designers describe the concept behind their design: "The core idea of all collections is drawn from the structural aspect of nature, with its balance and tensions ... This fundamental approach is also reflected in the exclusive use of natural and organic fabrics for the collection. ... [T]he materials are further refined through the use of the traditional French pattern cutting technique to create clothes of long-lasting quality, balance and functionality." Basically, Commuun consciously incorporates everything I would want in a label and designers. Even though I've wanted to feature the '08-'09 AW collection for some time now, I have to agree with Pourporter that their '06 and '07 AW is also worth looking at.

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Tuesday, May 27


Feature: 2008 Fall/Winter Mociun. Caitlin Mociun, graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, describes her line: "Drawing inspiration from things as varied as the vegetables she buys from her local grocer to some of the rarest creatures to be found at the Natural History Museum, her line of clothing speaks as much to a sense of youthful discovery and creation as it does to traditional conceptions of aesthetics." You can see how the organic elements contribute to her choices to layer and texturize her Fall/Winter collection.

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Monday, May 26


Feature: Virginia Johnson. Apparently in a mood for prints today, I thought of Virginia Johnson and her clean and perfect prints for the summer. I love the names of her dress, like the Bloomsbury Dress (featured below).

This bag particularly reminds me of Grijs.

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Feature: Dries Van Noten. Flashback to the Fall/Winter 2004 collection, which I still think about from time to time and wish for again.

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Sunday, May 25


Feature: 08' S/S Hussein Chalayan. Last season's layering, materials and construction speak for themselves.

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Saturday, May 24


Feature: Carolina Hedaya. The Spring/Summer 2008 collection of Caroline Hedaya and Donna Baxter is simple, mysterious and delicate. They explain their concept: "The Caroline Hedaya brand is based on a graceful stylish woman with a sense of humor. Hedaya draws inspiration from vintage couture and a more classic style, while Baxter, growing up with an inspired musical background, brings sharpness to their design philosophy. Combined, the two create what's been called a "young sophisticate" look."

Images courtesy of Caroline Hedaya.


Feature: Imitation by Imitation of Christ. Created in collaboration, the new ready to wear collection by Imitation of Chris features soft, sensual and sophisticated luxury. Having seen the line in a store, I can vouch that the clothes are as airy as they look. They are feminine and fluid while retaining an edginess. Imitation self-describes their line: "With an emphasis on premium fabrication, innovative construction, and fluid lines, the range is stripped of artifice, revealing a deceptive simplicity and purity of design. Design to be layered according to the whims of the wearer, it is a playful collection for an intelligent woman."

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Friday, May 23


Feature: Kiki Smith. I've been thinking about Kiki Smith's prints lately; they pose several questions concerning nature, female form, and the composition of beauty. I decided to make a set based on Kiki Smith's print below, keeping in mind the juxtaposition of traditional feminine colors and masculine shapes.

1. Marni Long Sleeve Cardigan Sweater
2. Toast Linen Shirt
3. Rag and Bone Striped Pant
4. A.P.C. Striped Scarf
5. Opening Ceremony Grey Oxfords

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Feature: Muted Shades. Here are my picks for the day and the things I've been thinking about: boots by Rick Owens & dress by Stella McCartney.

Thursday, May 22


Feature: Favorite Summer Dresses. Having put off joining polyvore, I finally caved in. After talking to a salesgirl at Barney's Co-op yesterday, she convinced me that it was a fantasy world unimaginable. Little did I know that it would make blogging so much more efficient. As many of you already know, Polyvore is addictive and genius. While I don't particularly love how the collages come out and the limited creativity, I do appreciate the user interface, which brought me to these 3 dress picks for the moment.

1. 3.1 Phillip Lim, 2. Isabel Marant, 3. Dries Van Noten


Feature: Summer Sandals. Sorry for the delay the past few days, but I'm back and come bearing sandal picks for summer! Since we can't all afford the close to $600 Isabel Marant sandals, I thought I could at least daydream about these alternatives.

1. Coclico, 2. Coclico, 3. Eileen Shields, 4. Eileen Shields, 5. Scorah Pattullo, 6. K Jacques

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Sunday, May 18


Feature: Society for Rational Dress. I particularly love the styling and simplicity of Society for Rational Dress. Although these images are from the editorial Spring/Summer 2007 line, I think they resonate with Society for Rational Dress' overall aesthetic and design concept. My favorite aspect of this collection is how the outfits locate structure out of formless dresses.

Images courtesy of Society for Rational Dress.

Friday, May 16


Feature: Alice McCall. Launched in 2004, Australian designer Alice McCall describes her line as "perfectly combining elements of tender girlish charm and bohemian flare all mixed up with a bit of rock and roll." I personally love the intricate detailing near the neckline and the architectural backs.

Images courtesy of Alice McCall.