Saturday, May 31


Feature: Commuun. Japanese designers, Kaito Hori and Iku Furudate, established their brand in 2005 and have been showing in Paris since. The designers describe the concept behind their design: "The core idea of all collections is drawn from the structural aspect of nature, with its balance and tensions ... This fundamental approach is also reflected in the exclusive use of natural and organic fabrics for the collection. ... [T]he materials are further refined through the use of the traditional French pattern cutting technique to create clothes of long-lasting quality, balance and functionality." Basically, Commuun consciously incorporates everything I would want in a label and designers. Even though I've wanted to feature the '08-'09 AW collection for some time now, I have to agree with Pourporter that their '06 and '07 AW is also worth looking at.

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