Friday, August 8


Feature: Junya Watanabe. As bloggers enthusiastically cite their favorite fall fashion collections, I have not fully thought my inspirations through. Although there are the usual suspects like Isabel Marant and Phillip Lim, I want some avant-garde influences. And then the thought occurred to me: "Did I miss out on everyone freaking out about Junya Watanbe's Fall 2008?" I normally crop out the heads, but in this entry, I contemplated cropping out the body because I'm so mesmerized by the styling on top. When I regained my senses, however, I realized that the pieces themselves were unbelievably understated, interesting, and innovative. Oh Junya! Thank you for your contributions to fashion.

I just wanted to mention that I love what that woman on the left hand side is wearing (the blue is magnificent) and her pensive expression as she watches the runway.

Please check out the entire collection at

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