Monday, September 8


Feature: Spring 2009 Vena Cava. Okay, let's face it, the image quality of these photos are atrocious. Not only is the lighting bad but the awkward stationing/poses of these girls distracts away from the award-winning quality of these clothes: their handmade patterns. I forgive VC's stage presentation (which I have critiqued in the past) due to the truly tasteful mixing of prints in this spring collection. Not to ignore their loose inspiration of "Egyptian" something or another but Vena Cava manages to bring a freshness to a seemingly colorless collection through their artistic sensibilities as print designers. The stand out pieces of this collection are the printed dresses/pants, the weather-friendly black outerwear pieces, and the obnoxiously perfect skin-tight pants. Moreso, Vena Cava is a regal brand that clothes what I hope to be an intelligent, artistic and yet laid back woman. That being said, I know what I'm saving up for this upcoming Spring!

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