Wednesday, September 17


Feature: Marjan Pejoski. Now that the frenzy that is NY Fashion week is over, I don't think I'll rehash the best collections as you've probably seen most of them yourself. I might at some point return back to these collections, but walking outside today reminded me that it's not yet spring but fall. I really love these unique looks from Marjan Pejoski and have had them on my mind for the past few days. I'll just end with how Pejoski describes his own designs because frankly, it's a perfect description. "The Marjan Pejoski design thrives on counterpoint and dichotomy: It is romantic and poetic on one hand but hard and challenging on the other. It is innocent as well as sinful, androgynous but dandyesque."

Also, notice the Margiela inspired Tabi boots!

Images courtesy of Marjan Pejoski.

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