Tuesday, September 9


Feature: Marc Jacobs Spring 2009. I haven't posted Marc Jacobs on this blog despite the fact that I used to be obsessed with him, that is before I felt like his designs were drying out. This season, however, I think Marc Jacobs is worth a shot and have one word: printastic! You can say what you want but this season is a standout in comparison to the past few seasons. I want to highlight the eclectic texture of this collection and it's seemingly cosmopolitan references through the hats and silhouettes. In fact, I'd argue that Jacobs is finally building that all American brand he's been wanting (colorwise), despite the fact the the collection seems very Dries Van Noten through Merimekko prints with a waistline. Perhaps with some persuasive arguments, I would revise my comments but I've been working on posting "initial" reactions to these upcoming collections, regardless of what "critics" may or may not like. (First look: perfection)

In fact, I don't really like the last look but wanted to illustrate what I meant by Merimekko. Also, I don't mean to assault my blog with a splatter of color, but you know I like a season when I actually bother to include the faces or heads of models.

Images courtesy of nymag.com

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