Saturday, November 8


Feature: Complex Geometries. I've always been a fan of Complex Geometries and their new Spring/Summer collection exudes an intellectual attitude that I love. Adam, from Complex Geometries, tells me their current line is "inspired by the culture of mobility, exploring the pragmatics and aesthetics of travel. Functionally, items are designed to be versatile, light and easy to move. Crumpled silk packs small. Coated fabrics stay clean and dry. Light construction means items can be layered, even in warm climates. Draped dresses and vests provide enough space to carry the whole wardrobe in cleverly disguised pockets. Traditional clothing from around the world also influences the look of the collection. Specifically, souvenir clothing favoured by Western travelers is further decontextualized in reinterpretation."

These classic materials combined with unconventional shapes are best illuminated by movement. I'm excited by what Complex Geometries contributes to the market, especially for their minimalist yet innovative silhouettes. Overall, as reflected in their name, the label is in the vanguard of intellectual, artistic and fashion design. Thanks very much to
Adam DeKeyser for reminding me about this collection! Images courtesy of

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