Monday, December 1



Feature: Krooples.
Despite the funny name, Krooples is a new label that carries amazingly perfect basics. They make that one basic that you've been looking for but could never find the one that was just right. You know what I'm talking about. Kind of like APC but a little bit more edgy rather than prep. They seem to add the right detailing and cuts on the collars, materials and fit. For example, the 3/4 length trench -- a perfect classic trench -- that you see in magazines and on other people, but could never locate for yourself. Well, now you know where you can get it from Krooples, an offshoot of Comptoir des Cotonniers. Since I'm American, I think it should be pretty hard to find but I think there is some comfort just know that Krooples exists for the next time I'm in France... although I'm not sure when that time will be. Via thesearchforchic. Images courtesy of

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