Tuesday, December 2



Feature: Whyred Bootie.
I've been debating for some time now about whether I should share my purchases / real life with my readers. While I don't intend for this blog to be a "daily wardrobe" blog, I think I'm going to start adding more personal elements to it. Although I've been trying to keep my purchases to a minimum as a graduate student, I won't deny that I love to collect clothes, especially shoes. Although I'm sure these are less than interesting to most of you, I just ordered from Bird what I consider the perfect boot for everyday wear in all the elements. While I have been donning four inch heels on my 20 minute walk to Penn's campus everyday, I think it's finally time for me to face the fact that it rains and snows here. I particularly love the slight wedge heel and structural element to the boot and as I've also learned recently, investing in a quality boot is never a bad idea on the east coast.

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