Sunday, June 29


Feature: Rodarte. I must confess that when I first saw images of Rodarte's A/W '08 line on, I was less than impressed. The stark, seemingly costumed models walking down the runway did not appeal to me as much as I thought it would after reading about the Muleavy sisters and their background. After seeing these unconventional images of their fittings, however, I fully appreciate and am in awe of their vision.

Does anyone know the photographer?

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Feature: Anne Valerie Hash.

Via Rachel.

Thursday, June 26


Feature: White Capri.

From miles of style
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Feature: Dace's S/S '08 collection in case the LookBook made you curious (and rightly so!)

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Feature: Dace's Lookbook, which I think reflects the mood of the collection.

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Tuesday, June 24


Feature: Vain and Vapid Etsy Shop. I don't know if it's because I want to feature photos with green vegetation in the background or what, but I am really loving these pieces below. They exude a simplicity, lightness and subtly that is difficult to find in stores nowadays. I really love her aesthetic and hope to see more in the feature. Also, the images and styling in the photographs showcase the vision behind her clothes, and if that weren't enough, they're highly affordable.

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Feature: Saltwater. Reminding me of Toast a bit, Saltwater features a beautiful palette of lively colors in their Spring/Summer collection this year. Also, they're currently having a sale for you Brits out there!

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Friday, June 20


Feature: Wendy Mink fuels my obsession with amoeba-like shapes and metal jewelry. Since I'm always looking for an unconventional hoop, I'll certainly get these earrings for their design and relatively affordable price!

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Wednesday, June 18


Hi all! I don't normally post my own finds, but these were too good not to share! I just won these Marni platforms below on eBay in green leather for $100! Also, snagged this Imitation dress on sale from Bows + Arrows the other day; it is surely my new staple for both summer with a tank and winter with a long sleeve tee!


Feature: Permanent Vacation. With a nod to simplicity, the Swedish label, Permanent Vacation, is "tired of all impractical pretensions in fashion today...[and is rather]... inspired by the classic gentleman's way of dressing; dapper, shapely, comfortable and useful, garments aimed to love, wear out and repair." I particularly love the combination of the blues and whites in their most recent collection, shown below.

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Tuesday, June 17


Feature: Comptoir Des Cotonniers for the simplicity of their summer collection.

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Monday, June 16


Feature: Current / Elliot. One of my favorite gals, Lauren Thumlert, owner of Bows + Arrows, gave me a sneak peek at the new Current / Elliot collection out this Fall. These semi-masculine inspired pieces are extremely wearable, especially for those of you who aren't escaping the heat anytime soon.

Available in July/August at Bows + Arrows

Images courtesy of Hagebutton and Sanddorn

Wednesday, June 11


Feature: Baron Baronne. It's no surprise that Baron Baronne subverts traditional perceptions of masculine-feminine. The French label, started by Sibylle Genin and Lambert Perera Cortès, emerges out of an interest in re-considering gender appeal through design. This collection, through it's innovative cuts, color choices and collar detailing, reflects the ongoing interest in severe androgyny similar to the F/W 2008 YSL line. Genin reinforces this belief, explaining that "the masculine forms of the suit can really enrich the look of a lady." It seems that the French are interested in reconciling the clothes des femmes et des hommes this season.

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Sunday, June 8


Feature: Humanoid. I've been digging the styling, draping and layers of the Humanoid F/W '07 and S/S '08 collections lately. Humanoid describes their concept: "Humanoid is characterized by the use of fabrics that envelop the body in comfortable luxury. Designs follow the body for a hugging silhouette with elegantly draped fabrics."

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Thursday, June 5


Feature: Sandrina Fasoli. In their Spring/Summer 2008 collection, Sandrina Fasoli aims to"exteriorize what [a woman] wants to say, with a touch of femininity, innocence, nostalgia and no pretense."

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