Thursday, July 31


Feature: Jil Sander. As promised, here is my attempt at including menswear. I turn to Jil Sander to highlight the art of fitting jackets and pants. The first suit is perfect -- end of story. Thank you Raf Simons.

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Feature: Limi Feu. Yohji Yamamoto's daughter, Limi, seems to be following in her father's footsteps from a female perspective. This -- dare I say -- pretty Fall 2008 collection clearly draws on her familial influences but updates it with a dash of youthfulness and femininity. The collection's proportions shows that however different, the apple does not fall too far from the tree.

I normally crop the eyes and hair out of images to focus on the design of the clothes, but in this instance, I think the hats contribute to the overall aesthetic of the Limi Feu line.

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Wednesday, July 30


Feature: Dries Van Noten Fall 2008. It is that time of year again when intellectual artsy types clamor for the dyes and textures of Dries Van Noten. Drawing from the juxaposed prints of their spring collection, their fall line promises more subdued and simplified (by comparison) pieces. The undeniable appeal of this fall collection provides enormous potential for layering this fall. What's more? Dries Van Noten's detailed shots of their fall line gives me a warm tingly sensation that won't go away anytime soon.

As for the last image, I thought I'd never say this but this collection makes me want to wear printed sequins on everything for the rest of my life.

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Feature: Acne injects bloated minimalism into their Fall 2008 collection that makes it both proper and edgy. Sorry animal lovers, I am on the lookout for leather jackets at the moment so they are the central theme to this post. In addition, I featured some of my favorite layered looks for their menswear for fall.

Sans the strange wide leg khaki trouser for the gent, I am in love with the second to last outfit!

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Tuesday, July 29


Feature: Leroy & Perry. Lutz and Patmos' new green line at Barney's Co-op includes this gorgeous handknit vest made from the organic cotton of 100% recycled t-shirts ($268). Beyond the environmentally friendly aspect, this gorgeous vest feels light and could go over any basic outfit. These images just don't do this vest justice...

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Sunday, July 27


Feature: Vena Cava A/W 2008. Although Vena Cava's runway presentation did not impress me, I like the styling of their collection for the label's website. After getting the Suzuki dress today at Barney's Co-op sale, I realized how flattering Vena Cava's dresses can be during any season. Their dresses have a multi-seasonal appeal because of their consistent color scheme and versatile cuts. I plan on wearing my dress for my going-away dinner this summer but also throughout the fall under sweaters!

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Friday, July 25


Feature: Isabel Marant's A/W 2008 collection promises understated ease for her trends this upcoming season. I particularly adore the harsh dark gray wool blazer with the brown checkered blouse in the first outfit, and of course, a slouchy boot.

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Feature: Park. I am inspired by these seemingly informal looks from Park's Autumn/Winter selection. Their look book reveals intelligent and creative ways to layer for the fall.

1. Pelican Avenue
2. Christian Wijnants
3. Lutz
4. Bless
5. MM6

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Saturday, July 19


Feature: Anuschka Hoevener. The simplicity and styling of this Spring collection from Denmark leaves me, as my blog is appropriately titled, breathless.


Feature: Tsumori Chisato Autumn/Winter 2008 collection is a burst of futuristic colors and geometries. I can't get over the detailing with the Egon Schiele-esque handwriting, gradient tights, the prints, the meticulous scaffolding of materials, and the exaggerated shapes. Though it seems as if I do not favor color, I certainly do when it's done as freshly and creatively as Tsumori Chisato's fall collection.

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