Tuesday, September 30



Backstage Photographs. I don't know if it's my own personal desire to go aganist the grain, but I think I will try to divert your attention from the spectacle that is Paris fashion week by bringing you these intimate and charming photos of backstage chaos. Since you will notice that I've posted Rodarte's backstage photos before, I will fully confess that I'm addicted to the color saturation in these photos. In addition, I have juxtaposed these images with backstage photos by Lyell. There is something about seeing these clothes as they're being put on that brings a sense of intimacy to dressing the collection. Images courtesy of lyellnyc.com and rodarte.net.


Monday, September 29


Nina Ricci. Let me just start by saying, thank you Olivier Theyskens. You are a genius. Since I pretty much view fashion as an artistic medium, not necessarily one for consumption, I hope you can appreciate the Spring Nina Ricci collection for its creativity as much as I do. The raw yet ethereal element literally makes my heart race. The color palette, texturing, layers, patterns and structure: all of it. I have a hard time imagining how he combined all of this together, but all I know is, he did. Is the recurring silhouette of an open skirt a little strange? Yes. Is it amazing? Yes.

Also, on a sidenote, I'm just wondering if the theme for Spring 2009 is ugly makeup? Some of these models' face make them look like corpses. All images courtesy of style.com


Feature: Rick Owens. I love the necklines of this collection but oh my god, the models look so ugly. From an artistic and avant-garde standpoint, I love the silhouettes. From the point of view of the eccentric nun, I think the styling is thoughtfully atrocious. Fortunately for you, I cropped out the heads. However, you might like the weird headpieces, what's your take? Check out the whole collection here. Images courtesy of style.com.

Thursday, September 25


: LD Design. One of my favorite stores, Bows + Arrows, always has unconventional botanical displays out that I cannot help but gush over in addition to the clothes. Lauren gave me the web address for LD Design, by Lauren Dolinsky, who makes incredibly gorgeous arrangements. Please enjoy the eye candy and if you are so inclined, contact her for your own arrangement. All images courtesy of designld.com.


Feature: Vanessa Bruno Athé. I've seen VB's mainline for Fall, which I loved for the czarina effect but in all honesty, this Athé simple line is much more my style. Since I'm interested in design and not just fashion persay, I've decided to start featuring shots of the web design in order to create the atmosphere of the collection and/or label. Also, as you can tell, I've changed the layout of the posts due to how akwkard they look on googlereader, do you prefer the writing before or after the images? I thought I'd would let the reader form their own opinions through images before I recollect my own thoughts. All images courtesy of vanessabruno.com.

Thursday, September 18


Feature: Obedient Sons & Daughters. Yes yes yes! I'll begin with how much I love their website. It is like a treasure trove of nostalgia, cleverness and charm and this A/W collection reflects just that. Seriously, I adore everything about this label -- it embodies what I want my life to be. Although I lean towards minimalist stuff, I think the severe with vintage strike the perfect balance.

Images courtesy of Obedient Sons & Daughters.

Wednesday, September 17


Feature: Marjan Pejoski. Now that the frenzy that is NY Fashion week is over, I don't think I'll rehash the best collections as you've probably seen most of them yourself. I might at some point return back to these collections, but walking outside today reminded me that it's not yet spring but fall. I really love these unique looks from Marjan Pejoski and have had them on my mind for the past few days. I'll just end with how Pejoski describes his own designs because frankly, it's a perfect description. "The Marjan Pejoski design thrives on counterpoint and dichotomy: It is romantic and poetic on one hand but hard and challenging on the other. It is innocent as well as sinful, androgynous but dandyesque."

Also, notice the Margiela inspired Tabi boots!

Images courtesy of Marjan Pejoski.

Tuesday, September 9


Feature: Marc Jacobs Spring 2009. I haven't posted Marc Jacobs on this blog despite the fact that I used to be obsessed with him, that is before I felt like his designs were drying out. This season, however, I think Marc Jacobs is worth a shot and have one word: printastic! You can say what you want but this season is a standout in comparison to the past few seasons. I want to highlight the eclectic texture of this collection and it's seemingly cosmopolitan references through the hats and silhouettes. In fact, I'd argue that Jacobs is finally building that all American brand he's been wanting (colorwise), despite the fact the the collection seems very Dries Van Noten through Merimekko prints with a waistline. Perhaps with some persuasive arguments, I would revise my comments but I've been working on posting "initial" reactions to these upcoming collections, regardless of what "critics" may or may not like. (First look: perfection)

In fact, I don't really like the last look but wanted to illustrate what I meant by Merimekko. Also, I don't mean to assault my blog with a splatter of color, but you know I like a season when I actually bother to include the faces or heads of models.

Images courtesy of nymag.com