Friday, November 20


J. Crew Leath Bags. So basically there's no excuse I can really make for why I've been on a semester long hiatus except for the fact that this was my first semester teachingin addition to taking course work in graduate school. Although I've been shopping a little here and there, I haven't really had the time or energy to pursue any hobbies other than sleep! However, lately, the fashion bug has bitten me again and I've been roaming conventional stores for unconventional and beautiful things. One of my new favorite haunting grounds is for basics and slightly more fancy and professional clothes for teaching. I've recently discovered their perfect handbag collection and just had to share! I literally want them all -- with their versatility, compartments, organization, leather, color, shape, basically everything; I'm always on the lookout for the perfect "carry all" bag in the city. Images courtesy of


Thursday, September 10


Feature: Rachel Comey's Spring 2010 RTW collection. Although I don't love the entire concept or a lot of the pieces in her spring collection, there are a few stand out pieces like that amazing coat and the shoes. Although I've always found Rachel Comey's pieces to be hit or miss, I think her shoes are almost always right on in terms of their colors, price point, comfort, quality of materials and thoughtfulness of design. They always seem to be classic with a quirky twist that gives that the "Rachel Comey" signature touch. Overall, I'd say the collection offers a ton of potential "must haves" for the the girl looking for a witty and playful yet intelligent designer.


Saturday, September 5


Feature: Since I've been sharing my purchases lately, I thought I'd just add to my list of "things I've successfully added to my wardrobe over the summer of sales."

1) 3.1 Phillip Lim Silk Drawstring Dress (Barney's)
2) 3.1 Phillip Lim Cut Out Dress (Barney's)
3) Corpus Lambskin Moto Jacket ( -- which was by far my favorite purchase.


Tuesday, September 1


Feature: Rachel Comey Pen Pal Boots.
Last year, I tried to buy these boots and I could not find them in my size on the continent. Today, I caved in and bought them. I'm so excited and can't hardly wait to wear them every single day of fall and winter. Images courtesy of

UPDATE ON: New Rachel Comey "Huron" (almost identical with Pen Pal) Boot can be found here. (April 2012)


Saturday, August 29


Von Sono. When I first saw Von Sono on Pour Porter's blog, I instantly recognized the label's knack for designing delicate but experimental inspired looks. Combining feminine materials like lace with unique knitted masks, I love the tone of the overall collection, which is at once subdued but slightly alienating. I especially admire the strange embellishments and diverse use of materials to make a single item. (For example, the beaded shoulder with lace sleeves.) Featured are summer and winter collection from this year.


Friday, August 7


Feature: Argila Shoes.
I've been obsessed with the supple yet sturdy leather and heel length on these shoes since I first saw them on Kick Pleat's website. I stopped by the store today and finally caved in and bought them on sale. I really love Argila's construction (made in Spain) which is both comfortable, understated yet luxurious. I can't wait to wear these puppies on a regular basis. Plus, the nude color practically screams: "Wear me with everything!" Images courtesy of


Thursday, August 6


Feature: Literature.
Nymag's The Cut recently posted about summer reading being the new "it" item. Considering that I'm a doctoral student in English literature studying for what is my fifty book exam at the end of the summer and reading about a book a day (explaining my absence from the blog), the idea of Alberta Ferretti's Winter/Spring 2009-2010 ads tickle me. They make me laugh that it would be fashionable or even remotely glamorous to "read." The intellectual concept, shot by Steven Meisel, seems to embrace the chaotic and luxurious antiquitairan world of the literature.

Here is The Cut's explanation of the trend: "'Tis the season for libros, and the fashion community knows the value of a good read. Ellen von Unwerth shot Sasha Pivovarova lounging with Things Get Better on her lap for July's Italian Vogue, a title that seems like it would fit in to any self-help section. Bookworms were backstage at the Christian Dior fall 2009 couture show, as Tatyana Usova paged through a Proust title and Kim Noorda read a novel while getting her hair and nails done (multitasker!). But nothing promoted literacy quite so sweepingly as Alberta Ferretti's new fall campaign. Steven Meisel shot Viktoriya Sasonkina, Madisyn Ritland, Nimue Smit, and Dorothea Barth Jörgensen in a dark, Hogwarts-like study. The moody, intellectual scene has paper and hair flying everywhere, with stacks of books piled high in the background. Got your library card handy?"



Feature: Finsk.
I first saw these amazing shoes over at the Vain and Vapid, and was instantly captivated by their unqieu design. I love how the white creates the illusion of a floating shoe on an impossibly high heel. The white seems to balance the heaviness of the shoe and the wooden heel (which I always love) exude a more organic and less harsh feel to the shoe. Of course, the heel itself is another story that simply speaks for its innovative self. The fall collection can be found at right now. Images courtesy of


Thursday, July 16


Feature: Isabel Marant Sale over at Heist. I just got an email about the sale on these amazing pieces on the incredibly hard to find Isabel Marant line. I think you could probably contact them over the phone or something to purchase the items, which are severely discounted. If anyone is curious about a specific piece, just let me know and I'll forward the email to you or let you know how much it costs.


Wednesday, June 17



Backstage at Phillip Lim. I will admit that I possibly love looking at backstage photos of fashion shows more than the shows themselves. These do not in any way compare to the Rodarte backstage photos but they are still gorgeous and remind of me those Prada ads from a few seasons back, especially that devastatingly romantic and blurry ephemeral quality. I'm going crazy with the posts today! Images courtesy of