Thursday, January 8



Feature: Juleknuepfer.
Juleknuepfer is one of the most refreshing lines I've seen in a long time. From Germany, Juleknuepfer uses sustainable and organic materials, which I think is largely apparent in their visual concepts and themes. The movement of these clothes along with their unique and quirky knits and weaves create the oddest shapes that complement all of the elements. My particular favorite is the knit barnacles and marine color palette. I really just love how creative and interesting all these shapes are as well.

Here is the designer's description of the collection: "Living rooms“ is an ecological collection ranged in the highFashion/ designer section. My concept is the artistic definition of living space. I tried to create visual living spaces between humans and animals. Forms of animal habitats like nests, caves, combs and nets, scallops, snail-shells and corals have been role models in the search for new silhouettes that go beyond natural body forms. Another inspiration have been Land-art, Nature-art and Ecological art, emphasising the fragility of nature." Via shebreathes. Images courtesy of

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