Monday, March 2


Feature: Online Sample Sales (produce black holes in the universe). Do you see how the girl in the picture is telling you to hold on... well that is what I've been doing for the past 2 hours at Built By Wendy's Online Sample Sale. Although I usually feature things I like on this blog, I will have to say that this is a rare exception of what I do not like.

To be honest, I always wondered why more stores or designers don't do "online sample sales" but after waiting for what seems like half an eternity on Built by Wendy's online sample sale's website, I think I know why. Online sample sales are bombed by 20,000+ people at one time and servers can't handle it. I don't think I will ever shop an "online" sample sale again unless any of you have advice about how to handle them without wasting 2 hours hitting the refresh button online. Seriously though, I can't believe I just did this. :/

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