Sunday, May 24


Feature: Jas M.B. Rucksack Flap Messenger Bag.
I recently headed over to newly opened Barney's for their sale and picked up this gorgeous supple meshed leather one shoulder bag/back pack. For me, I love balancing feminine with masculine by mixing pretty dress and tops with edgy bags and accessories. Also, since I'm heading to Europe and traveling all around this summer, I thought this little guy would be the perfect solution and has proved to be so. Although I was debating the price tag, I ultimately caved in because of the ingenious design.

Much less shiny and more supple looking in person, I'd say this bag is perfect as a hand bag but also unique as a backpack. It has a zipper on top that lets you into your bag without having to undo the buckles. It has side pouches for my little umbrella and nalgene waterbottle. It all fits perfectly and I couldn't think of a more well designed bag. Images courtesy of

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