Tuesday, May 19


Feature: School Uniform. Although school is over for most of us, there is nothing like a little schoolgirlish charm during the summer months ahead! My best friend and one of the most fashion forward people I know (and I'm not just saying that because she is my friend), Jordan de Vault, recently opened up an Etsy shop with all the kinds of goodies that she's always had an eye for during our entire friendship. I've seen some of these things in real life and I can positively say that they are absolutely charming and original pieces. Although I don't normally post vintage on here, I just wanted to say for the record that: don't let vintage wear fool you into thing it's not fashion forward (as most of already know...I'm probably preaching to the choir.) All I know is that this blog is all about paradoxical fashion and design and there is nothing better than juxtaposing something vintage with something severely modern and minimalist. In fact, it's probably one of the most compelling combinations! Images courtesy of and shop at Schooluniform.

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