Thursday, August 6


Feature: Literature.
Nymag's The Cut recently posted about summer reading being the new "it" item. Considering that I'm a doctoral student in English literature studying for what is my fifty book exam at the end of the summer and reading about a book a day (explaining my absence from the blog), the idea of Alberta Ferretti's Winter/Spring 2009-2010 ads tickle me. They make me laugh that it would be fashionable or even remotely glamorous to "read." The intellectual concept, shot by Steven Meisel, seems to embrace the chaotic and luxurious antiquitairan world of the literature.

Here is The Cut's explanation of the trend: "'Tis the season for libros, and the fashion community knows the value of a good read. Ellen von Unwerth shot Sasha Pivovarova lounging with Things Get Better on her lap for July's Italian Vogue, a title that seems like it would fit in to any self-help section. Bookworms were backstage at the Christian Dior fall 2009 couture show, as Tatyana Usova paged through a Proust title and Kim Noorda read a novel while getting her hair and nails done (multitasker!). But nothing promoted literacy quite so sweepingly as Alberta Ferretti's new fall campaign. Steven Meisel shot Viktoriya Sasonkina, Madisyn Ritland, Nimue Smit, and Dorothea Barth Jörgensen in a dark, Hogwarts-like study. The moody, intellectual scene has paper and hair flying everywhere, with stacks of books piled high in the background. Got your library card handy?"

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