Monday, January 4


Feature: Timo Weiland.
So the term "design" has always been ambiguous for me on this site, oscillating between furniture to fashion, however, this time, I really want to celebrate fashion designers whose web and graphic design enhance the aesthetic of their clothes. And while it may seem like I'm just into one type of website, this statement may actually be true. I really love clothing designers who turn to the vintage collage style of digital design studio, designed memory (aka: Matthew Siskin). Ironically, the designers that I end up finding have already found designed memory. The things I love most are the frequent use of vintage frames and photo corners, which remind of Joseph Cornell and flipping through an old family album if my family had some sort of European legacy. You should check out Timo Weiland's website for a tour of a website that leaves an unforgettably charming experience. Images courtesy of

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