Thursday, May 27



Feature: 3.1 Phillip Lim. I have to admit, for awhile, I was not the biggest fan of PL because all his stuff is made in China and his company is like a well oiled Chinese socialist capitalist machine. (Told to me by my bff intern at PL). Then it became painfully obvious that PL is still a masterful designer, especially in spring/summer. In fact, I nearly exploded I saw his collection at Barneys the other day. I mean, I actually had a visceral reaction to it and then thought about going bankrupt or how to get out of my new lease. How would I get my tax refund back that was the deposit for the damn place? So then I realized, I can't buy this, but I can show it to you. Please go on sale soon or I'll have to pull a Wynona Ryder on everyone and steal a bunch of clothes before I go to celeb prison. At least people would have tshirts called: Free Christine on them.

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