Friday, February 26


Feature: Richard Chai Love.
I would normally edit this collection but screw it, I love them all. I'm saving up for one of the dresses as we speak, no joke. Images courtesy of


Sunday, February 14


Feature: Jeremy Liang.
Inspired by the Canadian wilderness and arguably post-apocalyptic sci-fi costumes, Jeremy Liang's new collection is a step up from his last few collections. I especially love the harsh and soft textures, lively prints, dulled and vivid colors, and layered styling since they put a new spin on this unexpectedly fresh collection. In fact, I'm really going to turn to Liang for inspiration when putting together my winter outfits this year! Images courtesy of



Feature: Doo.Ri.
With some separate hit and misses, I think Doo.Ri's Fall 2010 is a vast improvement in terms of texture and variety from her previous seasons. I am loving some of the brights and the fur treatments she has going on. In the end, I only have three words: Black, Navy, Draping. End of story, sold; I'm obsessed. Images of



Feature: Julie Louie.
I usually don't participate in the madness that is posting fashion week but this year, why the hell not? Here's what I'm loving for Fall 2010. I'm especially in love with the materials (velvet skirt!), colors and paneling in the first outfit! Images courtesy of