Saturday, March 13

NO. 6

Feature: No. 6
. This look book shames me as an editor... I posted almost every single look without hesitation but I'm sure you can see why! Images courtesy of Via Vain and Vapid.



Isoelliani (Rings). In case you haven't seen it at Barney's (co-op), Isolelliani's jewelry is perfect. It is the perfect balance between weirding conventions and glamour. I want everything and I want to wear them all at once on every finger. I especially dig the rings! More at


Friday, March 12


Feature: Recent Purchases
. In the spirit of sharing, I've been shopping a lot more lately because of my birthday and my constant weekend visits to New York. You could argue I have an entirely new wardrobe... I've been going for more statement pieces to contribute to my otherwise basic and minimalist wardrobe. In fact, my friend Kevin inspired me to become more "kooky" as he would say it when it comes to colors and prints and this is obvious when you see the evolution of my choices here. These are just the mega-pieces but here goes:

1) Richard Chai Love Multi-colored Dress (and a lot of Chambray in general)
2) Madewell Leather Clog Sandals (so comfy!)
3) J. Crew Brisbee Satchel in Green
4) Burberry Studded (in Silver not gold) Watch
5) Virginia Johnson Pale Pink Camel Scarf
6) Iossellliani Crystal Wrap Ring
7) (Most importantly) 13 inch Mac Book Pro (to update this blog!)

So far, I've been most thrilled with the Chai Dress, Madewell Heels, Ring and Computer. I wish you all fun shopping with your tax returns or something along those lines! :)


Thursday, March 11


Feature: Alexa Chung for Madewell. While I'm ambivalent about Alexa, I have to admit that I nearly fell over when I found out she is collaborating with Madewell, one of my favorite basic stores, this fall. These looks are amazing and I can't wait to see them in real life. I always love their jewelry and accessories anyways so this collection is icing on the cake! My favorite look is the second one on the right from the top -- loving the skirt length which would be long on me -- but look at those shoes + sock combo! (I already own the clog sandals!) :) Images courtesy of

**Update: More close up images**


Wednesday, March 10


Feature: Tao.
Even though the critics panned it, I think this collection is interesting enough to post on here simply for its inspirational chambray wrapping qualities. (only slightly a joke). Enjoy! Images courtesy of


Tuesday, March 9


Feature: Boy. I usually find this label overpriced and overrated but this season, their texturing and tailoring is right on and swoonable. Loving it.... Images courtesy of'