Thursday, May 27



Feature: 3.1 Phillip Lim. I have to admit, for awhile, I was not the biggest fan of PL because all his stuff is made in China and his company is like a well oiled Chinese socialist capitalist machine. (Told to me by my bff intern at PL). Then it became painfully obvious that PL is still a masterful designer, especially in spring/summer. In fact, I nearly exploded I saw his collection at Barneys the other day. I mean, I actually had a visceral reaction to it and then thought about going bankrupt or how to get out of my new lease. How would I get my tax refund back that was the deposit for the damn place? So then I realized, I can't buy this, but I can show it to you. Please go on sale soon or I'll have to pull a Wynona Ryder on everyone and steal a bunch of clothes before I go to celeb prison. At least people would have tshirts called: Free Christine on them.



Feature: Opening Ceremony WD11A Double Layer Dress from Barneys. Loving it for all formal occasions and semi-formal with a blazer. Tons of shoes from motorcycle boots to heels. Will be wearing it at least 3 times this summer and then there are the winter holidays. How much wear do you get out of your expensive purchases? When do you get tired of wearing them? In other words, what is the real lifespan of your investment purchases?



Feature: Madewell Online. In case you live in a hole, which most of you probably don't, Madewell is finally online. Too bad I'm not really into anything they have right now. I like their winter/fall stuff much better.