Monday, July 19


I think my philosophy about blogging
(a word I hate) is how to edit.
No matter what or who you're posting,
I think what makes an aesthetic is not
what designer you choose.
It's more like what you can put together,
like a loose collage.
However, I do love Marni, and in this case,
take the designer into consideration.


Okay, I realize that my obsession is getting weird.
But I thought I'd share it with you anyways.
Thanks net-a-porter for tipping me off!

Wednesday, July 14

Hair envy

I was looking at some photos of women at Paris fashion week
(I don't even know if it's this year or last)
and I know that they were all so chic,
but this one girl stood out.
Not only because of what she was wearing
but how she was using her hair as her best accessory.
(Okay, let's face it, she also has a killer jacket
in the right combo colors in general.)
I've been obsessed, however, with hair lately and to be frank,
I'm tired of the straight really really really long hair
that I always see on the streets of NY.
Instead, let's get crazy with the hairspray y'all.
I also just included a random picture of Garance Doré
because I am in love with her wit and understatedness.
Pictures courtesy of

Tuesday, July 13

Pierry Hardy for Gap shoes

I don't even know why I'm tipping you off about these.
If you think you're going to get in line for them,
you ought to bet that I'll be in front of you in that line,
ready to buy all four pairs in size 7.

Isabel Marant F/W 2010

Hit or miss basically.
Her second look is her best look.
These looks are simple and wearable nonetheless.

Dries F/W 2010

If I could wear only one designer for the rest of my life,
I would probably pick Dries or Marni. (upcoming)


These two looks stood out to me.
(1) Love the pop of color of the denim shirt
(2) Looks so effortlessly French girl-esque.
They will inspire me this upcoming Fall.

Givenchy Again F/W 2010

Again, this collection speaks for itself.
Whatever you're doing Givenchy,
you're doing a good job.
Thanks again Tavi for tipping me off.

Viktor and Rolf F/W 2010

Darker, which seems inappropriate for the season right now.
I love it for the structure and draping at the same time.

Monday, July 12

Barneys: Heartbreaker

I tried to buy these Opening Ceremony boots on
They said they had them in my size,
but they tricked me.
They sent me an email 2 days later
saying something along the lines of:
"Sorry, our bad! We don't have them."
I've been coveting them for a year now.
This has happened to 2 other people I know.
So beware shoppers don't get your hopes up.


As if you haven't seen this bag before!
In order to work on delaying my instant gratification,
I'm going to save for this bag by the end of next spring.
It will go perfectly with my lifestyle as a book carrying,
paper hauling, but quite fancy graduate student.
Extra large black leather PS1 bag at

Wednesday, July 7

Finsk Again

Aren't these just mindblowing?
I know a lot of people are obsessed.
I am one of them.
Architectural shoes are my weakness.
Thanks to Finsk and Finskblog for their images.

Basso and Brooke

Very dries.
These close ups speak for themselves.
Shoes by Finsk (For more shoes, see above)
You're welcome.

Georgina Goodman

I have been a fan
of Georgina Goodman
since I was a sophomore in college.
My best friend owns a pair of boots;
I have been coveting them ever since.
She let me wear them on a date once,
I'll never forget the boots or the guy.