Friday, February 25

J. Crew Spring 2011

Recently, I got an intense desire to buy a red-orange lipstick because I was inspired by the bright coral-esque lips of J. Crew models. I got mine from MAC but the real color used by Jenna Lyons is heatwave by NARS. If you haven't noticed in the last few seasons, J. Crew has been really freshening up and rebranding themselves as something beyond an "all-American" basics company. They've been adding a little sparkle here, a burst of color there, and investing a lot in their shoes and jewelry. It seems that they've started moving in the direction of styling preppy-classic-geek-chic. I usually go to J. Crew in Soho on Prince and it's so crowded in there that I can't bring myself to touch anything or try anything on. I just follow my friend around as she buys the most adorable sweaters and shirts, and I just sit in my favorite chair on the bottom floor. (Also, that is where the children's section is and I can't even talk about how adorable it is!) And although it feels like almost never buy anything from J. Crew spring/summer collections, this year's light and lovely glitz and glam might change my mind.

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I really need to figure out a way to revamp this site so that I can get a fresh outlook in terms of content. I am moving further away from New York all the way to Texas. I have always been inspired by Garance Doré's blog and I wish I could buy a camera and post pictures but of who or what? Dear readers, do you have any ideas or suggestions about what and how you'd like to see anything design related in the world?

Friday, February 18

Rag and Bone Fall 2011

Meh. I am only posting about Rag and Bone because their Fall 2010 is all I've been donning lately and I feel so badass in it. Here is a link to their Fall 2011 so you can peruse yourself if you care too. I did not enjoy experiencing it. Their new collection is too much at once -- perhaps once I can unpack each piece that will be different but for the time being, no thanks. Above are my attempts at finding notable and exceptional pieces; I didn't want to accost your eyes with the other hideous looks.

Here are the pieces I wear everyday: That girl is not me but I have that coat in navy and love it. Also, the Wessex boots pictured below those are my love and I have no idea how I trekked around New York every weekend before I had them. They are so comfortable and my friends don't have to hear my complain about my feet anymore!

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Rachel Comey Fall 2011

Pounding out 41 looks this season, Rachel Comey is a bit hit or miss. When she hits, however, she nails it. Notable aspects of the collection are the perfect mixture of patterns (that she usually gets), unexpected knit cowl necklines (which I usually hate), the wooden platform boots (I obviously have a thing for wooden heads), and lastly and most importantly, the balance between whimsical feminine silk prints dresses with severely structured jackets. You know I love that.

Yigal Azrouël Fall 2011

I can't tell if I'm going to faint because it is 4am in the morning or because of the dandyish tailoring with pops of cerulean blue in this collection. Also, the green with grey tweed proportions make me swoon. I think Azrouël is always underrated and I have no idea why. He almost always gets it right -- maybe too on trend. This collection also seems to blend a lot of spring corals in with the winter, which is always refreshing.

I just wanted to make one final note so far: designers are really killing it with their first looks this season.

Opening Ceremony x Every designer ever

Just for the record, as if it weren't spamming your inbox from every which store, Opening Ceremony is taking over the world due to their collaborations with everyone under the moon. Designers have got to sell things under ~1k in this economy, I guess!

Rodarte x Opening Ceremony

MM6 Maison Martin Margiela x Opening Ceremony

This collaboration is hard to believe that this is happening considering the Margiela's well-known mystique -- marketing to the masses! Notes: Great orange lipstick trend, looking the leather detailing (esp. on the sleeves), simple wearable pieces, over the knee boots. The hair is distracting however and not quite achieving the effect I think it is aiming for.

Chloe Sevigny x Opening Ceremony

Not worth mentioning in my opinion except for these shoes, which I was unbearably close to buying but figured the novelty might wear off. Also, contrary to cynics, they are insanely comfortable for 6" platforms. Bow is removable and the shoe is versatile and looks good with both dresses and skinny jeans. I don't really need to sell them to you if you see them in person. You will undoubtably come to your own conclusions by that point.

Thursday, February 17

3.1 Phillip Lim Fall 2011

Let's just get on with the collections and my favorite looks; I want fall to come. I am not really a fan of spring clothing. Comments on this collection:

(1) unexpected pops of color
(2) tailoring on classic wool pieces
(3) shoes
(4) bags
(5) oh, and that collar

*The first look is so sick I want to barf.

Givenchy Pandora

The myth of Pandora's Box is that once it was opened, all the suffering was released into the world. In the case of Givenchy's Pandora, not so much -- well not so far as I can tell as of yet. To backtrack a bit, I never said PS1 would be the end of the road but now I'm armed with two bags that do signal the end of the end of the bag searches. In all honesty, though I love luxury goods, I am also a very practical person with an extremely un-"glam" lifestyle. Straight up, I carry a bunch of books, laptops and agendas around -- graduate student style. (I am also a psycho-luxury-goods-discount researcher. My process usually begins with initial in-person encounter, thorough internet background check, browsing different stores that carry the bags, and then the opportunity to pounce on an unpublicized secret sale.)

Therefore, the leather on the PS1 is very supple and soft and inevitably lends itself to smaller items. With the Pandora, however, I got suckered into another insane deal recently at a boutique that I don't frequently shop at (usually hit or miss) but I think I've come across the bag that apparently "all women swear that they will never want another bag again ever." I am starting to believe them. You can call me delusional -- which is completely understandable -- but at the end of the day, this bag does it all. The weight distribution is unbelievable; this is instance in which, like art, you pay for the thoughtful ingenious construction and execution. We can also end on the obvious: I am a bag whore and this is the end of the search of the perfect bag(s). I never thought I'd say this but I feel more sure about this than most items I own. In light of ex-French Vogue Chief Editor Carine Roitfeld's critique about American's women's obsession with their bags, I will have to admit that I am (unabashedly) guilty as charged.