Thursday, February 17

Givenchy Pandora

The myth of Pandora's Box is that once it was opened, all the suffering was released into the world. In the case of Givenchy's Pandora, not so much -- well not so far as I can tell as of yet. To backtrack a bit, I never said PS1 would be the end of the road but now I'm armed with two bags that do signal the end of the end of the bag searches. In all honesty, though I love luxury goods, I am also a very practical person with an extremely un-"glam" lifestyle. Straight up, I carry a bunch of books, laptops and agendas around -- graduate student style. (I am also a psycho-luxury-goods-discount researcher. My process usually begins with initial in-person encounter, thorough internet background check, browsing different stores that carry the bags, and then the opportunity to pounce on an unpublicized secret sale.)

Therefore, the leather on the PS1 is very supple and soft and inevitably lends itself to smaller items. With the Pandora, however, I got suckered into another insane deal recently at a boutique that I don't frequently shop at (usually hit or miss) but I think I've come across the bag that apparently "all women swear that they will never want another bag again ever." I am starting to believe them. You can call me delusional -- which is completely understandable -- but at the end of the day, this bag does it all. The weight distribution is unbelievable; this is instance in which, like art, you pay for the thoughtful ingenious construction and execution. We can also end on the obvious: I am a bag whore and this is the end of the search of the perfect bag(s). I never thought I'd say this but I feel more sure about this than most items I own. In light of ex-French Vogue Chief Editor Carine Roitfeld's critique about American's women's obsession with their bags, I will have to admit that I am (unabashedly) guilty as charged.

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