Friday, February 25

J. Crew Spring 2011

Recently, I got an intense desire to buy a red-orange lipstick because I was inspired by the bright coral-esque lips of J. Crew models. I got mine from MAC but the real color used by Jenna Lyons is heatwave by NARS. If you haven't noticed in the last few seasons, J. Crew has been really freshening up and rebranding themselves as something beyond an "all-American" basics company. They've been adding a little sparkle here, a burst of color there, and investing a lot in their shoes and jewelry. It seems that they've started moving in the direction of styling preppy-classic-geek-chic. I usually go to J. Crew in Soho on Prince and it's so crowded in there that I can't bring myself to touch anything or try anything on. I just follow my friend around as she buys the most adorable sweaters and shirts, and I just sit in my favorite chair on the bottom floor. (Also, that is where the children's section is and I can't even talk about how adorable it is!) And although it feels like almost never buy anything from J. Crew spring/summer collections, this year's light and lovely glitz and glam might change my mind.

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