Friday, February 18

Opening Ceremony x Every designer ever

Just for the record, as if it weren't spamming your inbox from every which store, Opening Ceremony is taking over the world due to their collaborations with everyone under the moon. Designers have got to sell things under ~1k in this economy, I guess!

Rodarte x Opening Ceremony

MM6 Maison Martin Margiela x Opening Ceremony

This collaboration is hard to believe that this is happening considering the Margiela's well-known mystique -- marketing to the masses! Notes: Great orange lipstick trend, looking the leather detailing (esp. on the sleeves), simple wearable pieces, over the knee boots. The hair is distracting however and not quite achieving the effect I think it is aiming for.

Chloe Sevigny x Opening Ceremony

Not worth mentioning in my opinion except for these shoes, which I was unbearably close to buying but figured the novelty might wear off. Also, contrary to cynics, they are insanely comfortable for 6" platforms. Bow is removable and the shoe is versatile and looks good with both dresses and skinny jeans. I don't really need to sell them to you if you see them in person. You will undoubtably come to your own conclusions by that point.

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