Friday, February 18

Rag and Bone Fall 2011

Meh. I am only posting about Rag and Bone because their Fall 2010 is all I've been donning lately and I feel so badass in it. Here is a link to their Fall 2011 so you can peruse yourself if you care too. I did not enjoy experiencing it. Their new collection is too much at once -- perhaps once I can unpack each piece that will be different but for the time being, no thanks. Above are my attempts at finding notable and exceptional pieces; I didn't want to accost your eyes with the other hideous looks.

Here are the pieces I wear everyday: That girl is not me but I have that coat in navy and love it. Also, the Wessex boots pictured below those are my love and I have no idea how I trekked around New York every weekend before I had them. They are so comfortable and my friends don't have to hear my complain about my feet anymore!

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