Friday, March 25


Holding my breath and crossing my fingers for you.

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Thursday, March 17

Suno Fall 2011

Wednesday, March 16

Karen Walker Fall 2011

Loving the floral prints in this collection. These are also looks I would actually wear in real life. Practical and romantic at the same time - gotta love Karen Walker!

Tuesday, March 8

Madewell: Austin v. L.A.


Los Angeles

Winner: Austin

Now look, you all probably know that I used to live and am relocating to Austin very soon but honestly, when you look at Refinery 29's post on Austin v. L.A. street-style, it's clear that Austin is much more natural and effortless, not to mention, rocking the proportions, prints and shoes. I absolutely love the first look by Wendy Koletar (who happens to own the amazing boutique, Kick Pleat). Also, who doesn't just love Alyson Fox's work and her outfit? (One of her prints hangs in my living room right now - please see apartment pictures post!) In a city that is wonderfully not as image conscious as L.A., these two women are Austin-style-icons (beyond just clothes) in my mind. (Wendy is the first image and Alyson is the second one from the top.)

To be fair, however, I also included one look from L.A. that is exceptional at the end. But really, look at the shoes for the Austinites. (That is what we call ourselves; yes, I consider myself one!)

Fav: Vanessa Bruno

(Loving Vanessa Bruno's shoes and hair as well the second to last dress - maybe I could save up for the dress!)

I love the coziness, shoes and the hemlines around the legs in this collection. It's probably one of my favorite collections for the fall/winter 2011. The materials are more practical and the color palette is within a nice uplifting comfort zone of white, heather grey, khaki and muted pastels in the middle of winter. I'm also an obsessive layerer!


I love these two pieces but unfortunately, they were the exception rather than the rule in this collection.

Sunday, March 6

Haider Ackermann

Look at each of these ensembles carefully. When I did, I had both no words and too many words for this collection. I can't even review it. Just look at the fabrics, colors, layers and cuts. How does he manage to do all of that? Make those silhouettes happen? Oh my god, help me understand. This is my color palette for fall/winter 2011/2. Images courtesy of