Saturday, April 16

Interior Design

My current obsession is interior design. I'm moving into an amazing space in Austin in about a month and I'm really excited to make it our own. Here are some photos of inspiration and things I hope to get to make it our space. One thing I love about my relationship with my boyfriend is that we have equal say about what we like, luckily he trusts my taste in most things either clothing for either of us or decor. He tends to get for darker woods whereas I like lighter ones. I'd like to take this opportunity to get out of my ikea rut that's been haunting me for the last 7ish years of my life. I haven't made many efforts to find more high-end, vintage furniture, install window treatments,or even to paint my walls. Since my sights have emboldened in terms of prints and colors lately (thanks to my favorite sales associate, Kiley, at the Philly Barneys co-op). I will say though, I am a sucker for whites, which brings me calm cleanliness, which is how I love feeling in my home. To balance out the severity or feeling of sanitation, I love to mix prints and textures into rooms. Here is an inspiration photo that I'd like our apartment to channel or at some point, hopefully to a house one day. (I can't wear many of these colors because they don't compliment my skin tone so I'm ecstatic about putting them in my home.)

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