Wednesday, August 31

Cut25 by Yigal Azrouël

Yigal Azrouël's new contemporary brand concept line, Cut25, combines -- what the line claims is -- "high fashion with day-to-day simplicity. The design sensibility is democratic...[and it's] inherent appeal lies in the artisanal approach to design and the philosophy that unique and innovative fashion can be offered to those who seek it." I think the prices are pretty high but the pieces warrant that to some extent, especially that beautiful coat posted in picture #1. I think Cut25 offers accessibility to stylish people but the price tag is steep enough that is can only be offered to those who really really seek it. There are key pieces (like the first jacket and the furry vest) that seem like they're worth the price tag and for it perfect pops of color. You can find the collection at

Steven Alan Fall Lookbook

Steven Alan's new Fall look book is a reflection of how my style has been evolving lately. It's been going the direction of a little more classic preppy but always with touch of bohemian through a print. I used to wear monochrom but this fall, I think I'm going to take a step on the wild side and stay with my "print" phase. I'm swooning over that leopard top and that stripped coat - I'm waiting for Steven Alan to drop their fall collection on their site! Now, it's just just a matter of waiting for the weather to drop from 107 degrees everyday until November... I dream of fall.

Tuesday, August 30

Fujifilm X100

I've been on the market for a digital SLR lately because I thought it would be nice for the blog and for capturing and collecting memories. I saw this baby down here and it made me swoon for all the trendy nostalgic reasons the body of a camera can. It's $1500 and completely ridiculous for it's price but I wanted to share it anyway.

Also, I'm seriously looking at a Canon EOS Rebel T3i, any thoughts? Also, any suggestions for lenses that would be great for street fashion and portraits? I'm sorta a newbie when it comes to these things and I miss seeing the the world through a viewfinder.

Bill Cunningham: The Original Street Photographer

"The wider world that perceives fashion as frivolity that should be done away with, the point is that fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life."

I think this quote succinctly expresses why people are attached to the ebbs and flows of fashion. Yes, you can say we're pretentious, materialistic, image-obsessed, and vain but to be honest, that's our "armor to survive the reality of everyday life" -- and who can judge what we all must do to survive? I would really like to see this documentary about the enigmatic Bill Cunningham, the Original Street Photographer. His vision and influence on the fashion industry is undeniable. You can read and see more about it here and here. It comes out 9/13!

Friday, August 26

Will you vote for me to be Lucky Magazine's Contributing Editor?

Being a style editor is my dream job so I just entered Lucky Mag's contributing editor contest but unfortunately, my photos didn't post at all :( I'm so heartbroken about the whole thing so I wanted to reach out to my beloved readers who can see these outfits and ask you if you would please vote for me? Above, I've posted the outfits I would have entered because I wanted to share my personal style with my readers. It would mean the world to me if you would take a moment to vote for me at the site.

My article is about my fashion philosophy: Spend More, Buy Less. It gives my personal tips about how to transition from day to night in terms of clothing, skin care and hair styles.

I want to thank each and every one of you in advance for supporting me and this blog over the years and I would love to continue what I've been doing here at Lucky Magazine. It would be a dream come true...

Thursday, August 25

Rodebjer AW11 Lookbook

I've been in love with Rodebjer since I saw a navy dress similar to photo #3 but backwards at Bows + Arrows in Austin. I recently got to see their Fall/Winter look book and it's really wearable. Here's a description of the collection:

"For the Autumn/Winter collection Rodebjer has travelled to a European city. The setting is grand and nocturnal. We imagine a solitary figure preoccupied with life's greater questions, filled with thoughts of the stars and the planets, the roots in the earth and the depths of the oceans. Thoughts of life, lust, love, and loss. The collection breathes powerful elegance with a hint of magic, called 'The Year of Magical Thinking'."

I would really wear these pieces during the winter and I think the styling in the photos is understated but luxurious.

Thanks for Rachel from W29showroom for this look book.

Monday, August 22

Rachel Comey Pen Pal Boots Now Available

Mars Nude/Black Rachel Comey Boot (available 12/2011)

Update lovely readers: I know many of you have been in search of the impossible-to-find Rachel Comey Pen Pal Boots.

Well here they are the Rachel Comey Pen Pal Boots have arrived in Carmelo and Black at Kick Pleat for $386.

I hope you get a pair fast before they sell out; they're fabulous! I wouldn't recommend waiting until when Fall actually hits because they are also sold out by that point. I would suggest biting the bullet now and making the investment since I learned my lesson 2 years in a row. I can honestly say they are worth it and are truly an everyday boot.

Sunday, August 21

Givenchy Pandora Knockoff: Such a Bad Thing?

Spotted at Joia's "Day to Night Bag" has shamelessly ripped off Givenchy's Pandora bag in PVC and it might not be such a horrible thing in my opinion. I'm sure Givenchy feels otherwise in terms of intellectual property.

Look, I have Givenchy's Pandora in black and if I could only have one bag for the rest of my life, that would be it. It's greatest strength is it's unique and practical design. So, if you like the Pandora's shape and functionality, and don't want to break the bank then I won't blame you if you buy this bag since it's $68. I know most people will never be willing to drop $2k on a bag and I personally think that the Pandora's shape is so great that it should be shared.

I, however, can't vouch for how long Joia's version will last whereas I'll bet (even more money than I've already spent) that Givenchy's version is going to last me a long long time and it's worthwhile.

Thursday, August 18

Kate Moss's Leopard Print Fitted Blazer

"help me please my uber shopper friend!"

This morning, I opened my email to receive a delightful request from Rebecca, a dear and gorgeous friend of mine, who has been channeling uber-model Kate Moss lately. Since we are all, on some level, indebted to Kate Moss's style as a tastemaker, my friend is obsessed and rightfully so.

Immediately, the thought that she would request my help was very flattering because I've always admired her effortless style and beauty. She wanted my help finding a version of this leopard fur blazer. Thinking Kate Moss lead me immediately to British stores:, and, which offered some promising leads. However, I also began to expand my options to Urban Outfitters and then just took a quick gander at:

Although I was half asleep when I did this, I got such a rush helping someone else out. These emails come occasionally and I will literally sit comatose for hours to hunt down the perfect item for a friend. (Last time, it was an affordable black leather bag under 1k - which led me to insane choices like this miu miu bag.) It has become clear to me: I'm obsessed with finding someone else's obsession. I think I'm honestly more excited working as someone's "personal shopper" than I am shopping for myself. It's invigorating to share my random knowledge of clothes with others. (Is that how people most relate to me, or vice versa?)

So that got me thinking: Do you, reader, have that thing in mind that you've been dying to find but just cannot locate? Given my obsession with personal shopping, I began to think that accepting requests for things/looks from readers (even in a certain price range) would be so fun! So from now on, please send me your personal requests readers, seriously! Just email me or comment! I will try to make you proud.

So last but not least, searching lead me to these options for fall transition pieces with the same leopard print feel/vibe that Rebecca requested:

1. Urban Outfitters Dolce Vita Faux Fur Coat $209
2. Topshop Nude Rabbit Print Jacket $130

The Asos jacket is beyond amazing since she asked for a leopard print blazer AND a black leather moto jacket. How perfect is this last one? I hope she likes it! I love starting with a simple search and finding something beyond your expectations.

Tuesday, August 16

Rodarte x Opening Ceremony: Part Deux

Aren't they jaw dropping?

To my delight, Rodarte released their look book for Opening Ceremony on Monday via Facebook and it's blowing my mind how beautifully the photographs and clothing are styled. As most of us know, Opening Ceremony is collaborating with the most creative (and typically unattainable) designers in the industry and makes it (somewhat) financially available to consumers. The ability to not only bring down the price point but also translate Kate and Laura Mulleavy's visions into ready-to-wear is only one example of how brilliant Opening Ceremony's marketing truly is.

I really hope that this trend of affordability continues on since it represents more than just profitability and accessibility for both the designer and consumers (respectively.) Moreso, I love the spirit of collaborations where different groups of people come together to create something distinctive to each of their own ideas, styles and approaches towards design. I think that Autumn de Wilde as one of Rodarte's greatest assets; I could honestly -- if I didn't want to redundantly bomb your newsfeed -- post Autumn de Wilde's photos all day, every day. In fact, I would say that she's my favorite fashion photographer, which is not surprisingly considering her photo archive for Rodarte is imbued with such a specific mood and painstaking beauty.

As for the collection, I think the pieces amount a lovely and distinctive collection. I would have to see them in person to truly make a judgement since the materials that Rodarte uses is always quite unique and significant. (I wish I could hop over to Opening Ceremony! Let me know what you think if you've seen it in person - is it wearable?) I see nods to their previous collection, which was feminine with a girlish subdued theme and pastel palette. As for their new looks for Fall, I really love the texturing (faux fur?) and richer colors in many of these outfits. They just make sense and speak for themselves. These garments are, at the end of the day, the result of the genius of two sisters who dared to enter the industry and all of it's pretentions, to usher in a unique perspective.