Thursday, August 18

Kate Moss's Leopard Print Fitted Blazer

"help me please my uber shopper friend!"

This morning, I opened my email to receive a delightful request from Rebecca, a dear and gorgeous friend of mine, who has been channeling uber-model Kate Moss lately. Since we are all, on some level, indebted to Kate Moss's style as a tastemaker, my friend is obsessed and rightfully so.

Immediately, the thought that she would request my help was very flattering because I've always admired her effortless style and beauty. She wanted my help finding a version of this leopard fur blazer. Thinking Kate Moss lead me immediately to British stores:, and, which offered some promising leads. However, I also began to expand my options to Urban Outfitters and then just took a quick gander at:

Although I was half asleep when I did this, I got such a rush helping someone else out. These emails come occasionally and I will literally sit comatose for hours to hunt down the perfect item for a friend. (Last time, it was an affordable black leather bag under 1k - which led me to insane choices like this miu miu bag.) It has become clear to me: I'm obsessed with finding someone else's obsession. I think I'm honestly more excited working as someone's "personal shopper" than I am shopping for myself. It's invigorating to share my random knowledge of clothes with others. (Is that how people most relate to me, or vice versa?)

So that got me thinking: Do you, reader, have that thing in mind that you've been dying to find but just cannot locate? Given my obsession with personal shopping, I began to think that accepting requests for things/looks from readers (even in a certain price range) would be so fun! So from now on, please send me your personal requests readers, seriously! Just email me or comment! I will try to make you proud.

So last but not least, searching lead me to these options for fall transition pieces with the same leopard print feel/vibe that Rebecca requested:

1. Urban Outfitters Dolce Vita Faux Fur Coat $209
2. Topshop Nude Rabbit Print Jacket $130

The Asos jacket is beyond amazing since she asked for a leopard print blazer AND a black leather moto jacket. How perfect is this last one? I hope she likes it! I love starting with a simple search and finding something beyond your expectations.

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