Tuesday, August 16

Rodarte x Opening Ceremony: Part Deux

Aren't they jaw dropping?

To my delight, Rodarte released their look book for Opening Ceremony on Monday via Facebook and it's blowing my mind how beautifully the photographs and clothing are styled. As most of us know, Opening Ceremony is collaborating with the most creative (and typically unattainable) designers in the industry and makes it (somewhat) financially available to consumers. The ability to not only bring down the price point but also translate Kate and Laura Mulleavy's visions into ready-to-wear is only one example of how brilliant Opening Ceremony's marketing truly is.

I really hope that this trend of affordability continues on since it represents more than just profitability and accessibility for both the designer and consumers (respectively.) Moreso, I love the spirit of collaborations where different groups of people come together to create something distinctive to each of their own ideas, styles and approaches towards design. I think that Autumn de Wilde as one of Rodarte's greatest assets; I could honestly -- if I didn't want to redundantly bomb your newsfeed -- post Autumn de Wilde's photos all day, every day. In fact, I would say that she's my favorite fashion photographer, which is not surprisingly considering her photo archive for Rodarte is imbued with such a specific mood and painstaking beauty.

As for the collection, I think the pieces amount a lovely and distinctive collection. I would have to see them in person to truly make a judgement since the materials that Rodarte uses is always quite unique and significant. (I wish I could hop over to Opening Ceremony! Let me know what you think if you've seen it in person - is it wearable?) I see nods to their previous collection, which was feminine with a girlish subdued theme and pastel palette. As for their new looks for Fall, I really love the texturing (faux fur?) and richer colors in many of these outfits. They just make sense and speak for themselves. These garments are, at the end of the day, the result of the genius of two sisters who dared to enter the industry and all of it's pretentions, to usher in a unique perspective.

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