Thursday, August 25

Rodebjer AW11 Lookbook

I've been in love with Rodebjer since I saw a navy dress similar to photo #3 but backwards at Bows + Arrows in Austin. I recently got to see their Fall/Winter look book and it's really wearable. Here's a description of the collection:

"For the Autumn/Winter collection Rodebjer has travelled to a European city. The setting is grand and nocturnal. We imagine a solitary figure preoccupied with life's greater questions, filled with thoughts of the stars and the planets, the roots in the earth and the depths of the oceans. Thoughts of life, lust, love, and loss. The collection breathes powerful elegance with a hint of magic, called 'The Year of Magical Thinking'."

I would really wear these pieces during the winter and I think the styling in the photos is understated but luxurious.

Thanks for Rachel from W29showroom for this look book.

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