Sunday, August 21

Givenchy Pandora Knockoff: Such a Bad Thing?

Spotted at Joia's "Day to Night Bag" has shamelessly ripped off Givenchy's Pandora bag in PVC and it might not be such a horrible thing in my opinion. I'm sure Givenchy feels otherwise in terms of intellectual property.

Look, I have Givenchy's Pandora in black and if I could only have one bag for the rest of my life, that would be it. It's greatest strength is it's unique and practical design. So, if you like the Pandora's shape and functionality, and don't want to break the bank then I won't blame you if you buy this bag since it's $68. I know most people will never be willing to drop $2k on a bag and I personally think that the Pandora's shape is so great that it should be shared.

I, however, can't vouch for how long Joia's version will last whereas I'll bet (even more money than I've already spent) that Givenchy's version is going to last me a long long time and it's worthwhile.

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