Tuesday, August 16

Uh, yes: Missoni for Target

Until yesterday, I have been embarrassingly unaware of the announcement of the crazy amazing affordable Missoni for Target collection coming this September. Since finding out, I haven't anticipated anything like this since Pierre Hardy for Gap, which is peanuts to this extensive 400 piece collection of Missoni everything.

This, in my opinion, is possibly the best collaboration Target has ever done with any designer.
It also helps because Missoni seems to be a very specific market due to it's distinctive pattern and colors -- it's hard to wear Missoni 24/7 without wearing Missoni 24/7. Luckily, however, I've noticed that Missoni is blowing up anyway - I spotted an orange Missoni knockoff at Forever 21 recently - and it's also perfect for summer. We have been experiencing 104+ degree weather everyday - I know, I know, godawful.

I've been on the hunt for a rug and encountered a few bathroom decor items from Missoni on allmodern.com, but the prices were what you would expect. So for those of us who have always wanted but are yet to obtain an iconic piece from Missoni, this is the perfect opportunity. I'm not going to lie: a Missoni print is a Missoni print is a Missoni print even if it's from Target. If you are a fashion enthusiast, at least one Missoni piece is a gem of your closet. And it's not just the pure existence of the print in TARGET, it's the fact that they've slapped it on every single item and product imaginable. (I want that blanket and bicycle and will show no mercy to anyone who tries to get it from me; I might also buy that baby set for a "hope chest" that doesn't exist for my future child: boy or girl because who doesn't love a baby in Missoni.)

I mean, even if Missoni isn't exactly your thing, I date you to not buy something from this massive array of Missoni for Target pieces. It's iconic and now you can buy it at TARGET. For me, the most painful part is just waiting until September 13th to manically run through Target collecting Missoni clothes in their big red shopping cart. Thanks to Fashionista for their amazing lookbook!

Do you like Missoni? If so, what pieces do you want the most from the Target collection?

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