Tuesday, September 6

Hailey Steinfeld & Miu Miu A/W 2011 Accessories

Okay, everyone under the moon has already put these on your radar but I'm jumping on the bandwagon and showing them to you anyway -- in the event that you've missed them on the blogosphere. The ad campaign features Hailey Steinfeld from True Grit, and follows the trend of featuring young teenage girls for ad campaigns. (Think Dakota and Elle Fanning for Marc Jabobs.) I personally love how kitschy these glittery pieces are but I don't know if I'd buy them. I don't see a longevity here; although to be fair, Miu Miu's shoes are collector pieces more than anything. Still Miu Miu always sets the most coveted shoes of the season and I love what their creativity brings to the industry. They are sort of love/hate.

Do you love them or do you think they're tacky?

images courtesy of fashionologie
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