Sunday, September 11

Prabal Gurung: S/S 2012

The first look in this collection is just perfect; it reminds me of a glamourous scorpion princess tea party dress.  The collection's colors, patterns, sheer fabric overlay and bold accents make this collection a breath of fresh air when thinking of fall.  This RTW line definitely feels like it's pushing the boundaries and I LOVE it.  I'm glad to see Prabal take this chance to explore the artistic limitations of his more conventional and safe pieces in previous collections.

"Inspired by Araki's Sensual Flowers series, he collaborated with a printmaker in London to create a floral motif at once beautiful and lurid: Close inspection of the purple, green, and black blooms revealed that they were already withering. The engineered print appeared on everything from a silk georgette dress, accessorized with a black leather and silk cord harness, to a fitted wool pantsuit, neither that unlike things he's done before. But when he wasn't using the print, Gurung was tweaking fetish materials—hand-painting and lacquering latex for a coat, or lining a laser-cut leather T-shirt in mesh. It was more than a lot to take in. Peekaboo, too, was a central conceit: Sheer panels were inset at the waist or hips of dresses, and other items were more see-through tulle than anything else." - Nicole Phelps

 Araki image courtesy of artnet and Prabal Gurung courtesy of

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