Wednesday, September 7

Shop Zara's August Lookbook Online Now!

You can now officially shop at today!  Dreams are coming true all through America right now through a digital shopping cart and your cc digits.    Here are some looks from the August lookbook that I love and what I love about them.  Maybe this will motivate you to mosey on over to asap before these pieces are gone (in your size)!  Because we all hate when that happens...

Here is fashionologie's perfect description of the August 2011 line: "Look Sharp": Zara's August lookbook is out, full of clean-cut silhouettes in a femme-masculine mix that feels just right for Fall 2011. Look for waxed trousers, smooth-line blazers, and button-up shirts — along with a smattering of fur, sequins, and optical prints — in a super-rich palette of navy, forest, and rust.

The selected pieces in this post are dedicated to Sunny Yang, who loves faux fur and all things tailored.

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