Monday, October 31

Suno Bird Beaded Dress

I love the whimsy and colors of this tunic dress. The navy fabric gives an unexpected causal base to the beautiful lighter weight beads throughout. So festive!

100% silk found At creatures of comfort for $995.

Friday, October 28

Matt Bernson's Gold Bar Clutch

I've been attending a lot of formal occasions lately and if I would have known earlier, I would have definitely picked up this Gold Bar Clutch.  So kitsch, chic and glamourous at the same time.  Talk about a conversation starter -- it's sort of an unexpected yet brilliant avant-garde move on his part.

As you can see, I've been on an accessories kick lately!  Fall is about to be in full swing so I may return to my boots and coat obsession soon enough!

Wednesday, October 26

Cats Let Nothing Darken Their Roar

It's a nonsensical but well designed calendar. It will be fun to buy to put in your home and let your guests sit there staring at it with a puzzled look on their faces. That's what's up.  

The seventh edition of the calendar in its original A3 size. Printed in four colours on uncoated stock, finished with distinct signature black ribbon binding and silver print packaging, it is an edition of 700 copies.   297x420 mm. / 16.5x11.6 inches13 Pages, Printed in Finland

$45 dollars in not Europe

PS1 medium saddle at Barneys Dallas Charity Event

Yes this blog has seemingly become dedicated to the letters: PS1. When will it end? Maybe when I will write a book about it.

Lately I've found myself wishing for a smaller midsize bag to carry little things around on a daily basis. Let's be real the Pandora is for hoarding things and the Diego feels like you're hoarding metal studs. My midnight blue PS1 large is big and beautiful but it serves the same purpose as the givenchy with greater consequences for my level of crap. I have 3 kinds of protein bars in my bag? Why? I don't even eat protein bars.

So Barneys in Northpark Dallas is having a charity event on Friday to benefit the Scottish Rite Children's Hospital and you get 20% off your entire purchase. 10% goes to charity.  They almost have all of the bags styles listed on the site especially the Givenchy and PS1 bags.  They also have a huge shoe floor that rivals the flagship in New York.  Nevertheless, you can call in your order and have them ship it to you (free!) on the 28th when the event officially happens. Here is the number - this is an almost unprecedented sale at a major Barney's.  Call from anywhere: 469-221-4700.  

Sunday, October 16

PS1 Toiletry Bag

Here is tonight's moment of ridiculous.  

Would you pay $325 for a PS1 toiletry bag?  

Would you carry this as a clutch?

Saturday, October 15

Vintage Shopping with Sunny at Blue Velvet


Last weekend when Sunny was in Austin, we went vintage shopping at Blue Velvet and now I'm hooked.  I'm severely allergic to indoor dust and mold but it was worth it for this beaded glamour jacket.  I can't wait to wear it out some night soon... I think Rachel Zoe is infiltrating my brain.  I know she's a polarizing figure for lots of reasons but I accept her for who she is, drama and all, and love her for it.

Thursday, October 13

Erin & Aaron's Urban Cabin/Lost & Found Austin Home

Awhile back, Apartment Therapy featured the gorgeous renovated "urban cabin & lost and
found" home of my boyfriend's friend and colleague, Aaron Dubrow and his artist wife, Erin 
Curtis.  Apartment Therapy titled their post: "Erin's Warm & Wood-Wrapped Austin Bungalow," which I think nailed the aesthetic and ambiance of their home.  The bungalow was a labor of love from so many talented people including their architect, Nicole Blair at Studio 512, Habitat for Humanity Restore, contractors Mike Phalan and Shawn Rodriguez, wood-workers (trained artists in their own right) and of course, their parents.  Although I'm yet to see it in person, I've used the photos as inspiration for decorating my own apartment.  I especially love their mis-matched bar stools and (forgive me for using the word) "ethnic" prints and textiles.   The colors are warm yet balanced with cooler shades that complement all of the textures and prints throughout the home.  I'm a sucker for books as decor and clearly, Aaron and Erin's choice to create built-in bookshelves into their staircase and throughout the home reflects their intellectual and artistic sensibilities.    

Of course the custom-made staircase, built out of old doors, is the centerpiece of the whole home.  They worked with architect Nicole Blair to create this recycled masterpiece. The way they laid out the blocks of wood, mixing in white/lighter and darker woods, give this staircase both a modern yet more settled, rustic feel.  I'm also in awe of their use of geometric shapes created by the ceilings in their loft area -- it's amazing what paint, light and prints can do to a warm wooden room.  Before seeing this bungalow, to be completely honest, I've never been a fan of rustic style homes, the color brown, or wholly wooden interiors, but these renovations and the decor have completely changed my view of what you can do with any space that you've invested in making your own.  Erin and Aaron have managed to accomplish something that few homeowners ever venture to do: strip a home down, recycle parts and turn it into the (very difficult to achieve) perfect balance of rustic, modern yet playful. 

Golden Gate Bridge, Acrylic on found image, 15" x 12”

Also, be sure to check out Erin Curtis's work on her site:  If you love her home, you can see how her art may influence her home aesthetic and vice versa.  

Mociun Jewelry

Aren't these gorgeous photos such a tease?  I bumped into jewelry designer, Kristy of Growing Jewelry, the other day at Paloma and was reminded of her fellow RISD classmate, Caitlin Mociun's incredible jewelry design.   Mociun just gets the colors, materials, shapes, and proportions just right.  Always a fav.

I love the pyramid earrings (wishlist!) and I think the stack of bands and the last band would be perfect unique wedding band(s).

Images via shop at Mociun.

Tuesday, October 11

Shop Isabel Marant A/W 2011

Isabel Marant isn't into consumerism but you can find pockets where her main line and étoile are sold.  Creatures of Comfort is one of my favorite stores to do that.  It feels like you're being let into a secret closet when you click on the private link that take you to her collection.

User name: imcoc

Password: isabel

To order:

Call: 323-655-7855