Monday, October 10

Paloma Beauty, Caitlin Sweet and a Visit from Sunny

This weekend, my dear from Sunny from Philadelphia came to visit me in Austin.  It was a long-awaited reunion and I've had the best time since she's been here.   Sunny is a bit of a fashion maven and she hit Austin by storm.  (Literally, it rained here for the first time in months, which ushered in Fall.)  Since she's been here, I've felt lucky to meet and spend time with a few people including the amazing ladies at Paloma Beauty Salon, Spa and Gallery and pick up a beautiful piece from artist, Caitlin Sweet.

Paloma Beauty is owned by Yvette Richardson and Levi Dugat.   It's one of my favorite spaces in all of Austin because they put so much effort into making it more than just a salon and spa.  They put their hearts and souls in the finding the best best colorists and hair stylists (Thanks to the hair extraordinaire Kate Gibson!).   And luckily, I live above them, which makes my life even better.   So do yourself a favor if you're in Austin and check them out or even if you live afar like Sunny (new do pictured below), come by too!

They don't just talk the talk, they walk the walk.  Here is Sunny's new do and my ombre hair:

And lastly, Caitlin Sweet's Amazing Pieces at Paloma  (I snagged the last piece!)

Images courtesy of paloma beauty

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