Wednesday, October 26

PS1 medium saddle at Barneys Dallas Charity Event

Yes this blog has seemingly become dedicated to the letters: PS1. When will it end? Maybe when I will write a book about it.

Lately I've found myself wishing for a smaller midsize bag to carry little things around on a daily basis. Let's be real the Pandora is for hoarding things and the Diego feels like you're hoarding metal studs. My midnight blue PS1 large is big and beautiful but it serves the same purpose as the givenchy with greater consequences for my level of crap. I have 3 kinds of protein bars in my bag? Why? I don't even eat protein bars.

So Barneys in Northpark Dallas is having a charity event on Friday to benefit the Scottish Rite Children's Hospital and you get 20% off your entire purchase. 10% goes to charity.  They almost have all of the bags styles listed on the site especially the Givenchy and PS1 bags.  They also have a huge shoe floor that rivals the flagship in New York.  Nevertheless, you can call in your order and have them ship it to you (free!) on the 28th when the event officially happens. Here is the number - this is an almost unprecedented sale at a major Barney's.  Call from anywhere: 469-221-4700.  

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