Tuesday, October 11

Sale: Rebecca Minkoff

Every now and then, I want to share with the world deals and sales that I find that are noteworthy.  I tip people off in person but never do via blog.  Right now, I wish I could take advantage of Refinery29 Reserve's deal for Rebecca Minkoff's new Fall line of clothes and accessories.  For every $50 you spend at Reserve, you get $100 dollars to use on the website.  I passed up the opportunity on Rag & Bone and will always regret that.  I know I'm a girl obsessed with a sale and/or deal so I thought I would share this with you Minkettes.  Her new collection is sort of to die for...

I am in no way receiving anything from Refinery29 for this post.  It is entirely of my own desire to share the love with my budget-conscious readers!

Thanks For Making This Possible! Kindly Bookmark and Share it.

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